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The lyrics have been organised as to which album they appear in. To find a specific song press CTRL+F and type the name, or part of it.

Gary Óg & Seán Lyons - Songs Of Rebellion

Songs Of Rebellion front cover
  1. This Land is Your Land
  2. Back Home In Derry
  3. Black and Tans
  4. Joe McDonnell
  5. The Rifles of The I.R.A.
  6. The Town I Loved So Well
  7. McIllhatton
  8. Terrorist or Dreamer
  9. Broad Black Brimmer
  10. Ballad of Roger Casement

Gary Óg - Live In Glasgow

Live In Glasgow album cover
  1. Willie and Danny
  2. People's Own M.P
  3. Boys of Wexford
  4. Plastic Bullets
  5. No Time for Love
  6. Pearse Jordan
  7. Irish Soldier Laddie
  8. H-Block Song
  9. Some Say/ Provo's Lullaby
  10. Fields Of Athenry
  11. Something Inside So Strong

Éire Óg - Live At Tully's

Live At Tully's album cover
  1. Provo's Lullaby
  2. Prisoner's Anthem
  3. Ten Brave Men
  4. A Nation Once Again
  5. Loughgall Martrys
  6. The Helicopter Song
  7. Crossmaglen
  8. Only Our Rivers Run Free
  9. Willie and Danny
  10. London's Derry
  11. Masters of War

Éire Óg - Live At The Brazen Head

Live At The Brazen Head album cover
  1. Merry Ploughboy / Auf Wiedersehen to Crossmaglen / Tiocfaidh Ar La
  2. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  3. Pearse Jordan
  4. Tom Williams
  5. Let the People Sing / Take It Down From The Mast / This Land is your Land
  6. Bring Them Home
  7. Boys of the Old Brigade / Crumlin Road Jail
  8. Sean South / Roll of Honour / Go On Home
  9. S.A.M Song
  10. Amhrán na bhFiann (Irish National Anthem)