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Where do you see rebel music in 10-20 years time? Matty Bhoy
I certainly don't see it disappearing. Like every genre of music, it has periods where it is more popular than others. I think we have just gone through one of those periods where "The Rebs" where highly popular, maybe due to some outside factors such as the Ceasefire, the subsequent GFA, etc. I have no doubt though, that Rebel music will still be alive and well in 10 - 20 years time.
You've recently played in America, Australia, and of course Scotland - but when will you play London? Various
There's plans afoot for a return to London. It's been a long time coming, so watch this space.
What's it like to tour the east coast of America? What sort of a reception do you get? What's the atmosphere like at the gigs? Must be a fantastic experience. Ferry53
Absolutely, one of the best experiences of my life was getting to see places like New York, Boston, Philly... getting to play gigs in them, and having natives of these places turn out to see you is also a massive thrill. I have always found the audiences very receptive and for the most part, I always enjoy my visits there.
Do you play any Scottish stuff like the John MacLean March, Wild Mountain Thyme....stuff like that? monty1916
I have on occasion sung scottish songs, Wild Mountain Thyme would be a favourite of mine, I have covered the odd Dick Gaughan and Ewan McColl numbers as well. It is something that I will continue to do on occasion and who knows, I might even get round to recording one, one day.
What was your favorite gig of 2006? DerryRebel
Getting out and playing in Australia for the first time was quite something. My first ever gig in Sydney we pulled around 700 people in the Gaelic Theatre. Can't really top that.
Have you any plans for your own DVD? DerryRebel
I have lots of plans, getting round to them is the hard part. I'm sure at some point down the line it will happen.
What direction will your new album take (eg will it be rebel tunes, or folk tunes etc)? Matty Bhoy
I'm trying nowadays not to be labelled. I play what I feel at the time. If that is a rebel song then fine, if it's trad, that's ok too. Some times it's a bit of good ole' Rock n' Roll. Music is Music, and good music is good music no matter what it's about. All I'm trying to do is make good music.
What artists/albums are you liking right now? Matty Bhoy
I'm assuming this means modern day people. In that case I came across a great wee band from Australia called Wolfmother. Kind of mix between Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, excellent. I'm still a big fan of Damien Dempsey. I reckon he's the one that's out there on the money with what he's singing about at the moment. I reckon he's destined for really big things.
Could anybody shed some light on why Éire Óg split? Bogman
Truth is, we were together for a number of years, we did a hell of a lot of playing during that time. By the end of it all I had simply had enough. I fancied a break for a while so I left the band. There really isn't much to it. All other stories are simply not true, no matter what you might have heard. Anyway, I know some people won't believe me, but there you go.
Would you do the odd gig here and there in future? Fionn MacCool
I think in life you have to look forward. I've done that. Enjoyed every moment of it and don't regret in the slightest, but I'm doing my own thing now and I'm busy enough with that. I would never completely rule it out though.
Even though Éire Óg are no more is their any material of them lying around, other that the two albums, that are availible and if so could you make it availible to us? Barry OG
I have quite a few old live gigs that we recorded lying around. Some I have never listened to, so who knows there maybe something in among all of that. As I said in an earlier point though, I'm pretty busy with my own projects at this moment in time so I don't expect anything in the immediate future regarding Éire Óg.
Besides Failte and the Brazen do you ever play anywhere else these days in Glasgow or the Gallowgate area? Barry OG
I have been sacked more times from Bairds than I care to remember. However I still get on great with Tommy C and Jim M in there, so it is not a case of bad blood. I've just always been too busy to do much resident work. I think most of these places have their regular bands and performers that do a good job. I'm pretty happy only playing a few places. People know where to come and see me.
Lastly would you ever think about bringing out an album of soley acustic stuff as I think thats what your best at. Barry OG
Well, virtually everything I have done is acoustic. I play acoustic guitars 99% of the time. The last album I made(Songs Of Rebellion), was a purely acoustic album with fiddles, slide guitars, harmonicas etc. The next one will be in much the same musical style. Maybe I'll make an electric one one of these days, who knows?